Charlie Latham      Mon, 10/01/2022

Allelys, THLG member for the UK, are supporting the Viking Link project by transporting cable reels to multiple compounds across Lincolnshire.

The specialist transport scope of work began in October 2020 to identify suitable routes from the port to the compounds. Allelys completed abnormal load route studies from the Port of Boston to 24 different compounds across Lincolnshire.

Once the routes had been identified, Allelys engineered a transport solution using a specialist reeling trailer in a 2 bed 4 configuration. The trailers enable the reel to sit on rollers on the beam, which can be adjusted for different reel lengths. With reels weighing up to 60te and measuring a maximum of 4.5m in diameter and 7.1m in length, the equipment provided the flexibility required to successfully complete the transport to site.

To date, Allelys have completed the transport of 38 cable reels and will continue to support the project into 2022.

“Route studies are an integral element to specialist transport projects and assist customers during the planning phase,” explains Zac Smout, Project Manager at Allelys.

“We’re able to identify routes that are suitable for the cargo, measure pinch points along the route and co-ordinate with the relevant authorities if any adjustments need to be completed. These can include anything from trees being trimmed and street furniture being temporarily removed through to designing overbridging solutions or gaining permission to travel contraflow along parts of the route. With the Viking Link project having 24 different compounds, this planning aspect at the beginning was crucial to the successful delivery of the reels.”

The Viking Link project connects Bicker Fen substation in Lincolnshire and Revsing substation in southern Jutland, Denmark to create a 1,400 MW high voltage direct current (DC) electricity link and will be approximately 765km long.

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