Erika Lv      Thu, 20/06/2019
It is easy to make a perfect job once, but to make all jobs perfect all the time is a challenge. Let’s share our continuous beautiful project stories to impress you and encourage ourselves. In March 2019, we were awarded by China Petroleum with the first order of Iraq SCOP project from MASAN, South Korea to UMM QASAR. There are 16 Tanks and drums amount to 370859 KGS and 3454.18 CBM. We always like Oversize and overweight cargo! Drums and tanks were well-planned on-deck with safe securing/lashing. Sensitive parts were well-loaded under-deck. We want to say thanks to our partner in Korea who make a perfect support including the survey and co-ordination with the supplier. And we share the joy success together. After many years great efforts, Hisiang have hundreds successful experience and continuous projects to share with you. We earn the good reputation in China Market. Do feel free to contact with us at
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