Vinod Padmanabhan      Tue, 28/07/2020

In these highly uncertain times, MFC Transport, member of The Heavy Lift Group for India, is proud to be engaged in the transportation of Urea reactor for one of our esteemed clients to be delivered at Hindustan Urvarak & Rasayan Limited (HURL) - Sindri. The project is of national importance and very much essential to achieve self-sufficiency in fertiliser manufacturing as a part of Make in India program. Timely availability of the Urea Reactor was critical to ensure that the Project of National Importance is commissioned on time.

Cargo Specifications – Urea Reactor - 45225 mm ( L ) x  4742 mm ( W ) x 4395 mm ( H ) – 387 Tons

Movement Details

  1. Urea Reactor was transported from West coast Hazira to Hazira port by road on SPMT.
  2. From Hazira port the Urea reactor was loaded on to a Vessel and then sailed to Kokotta port.
  3. At Kolkotta port the Urea Reactor from Vessel was moved on to a river barge and moved to Kolaghat Jetty.
  4. At Kolghat Jetty the Urea reactor was Rolled off on to hydraulic axles and then using bolster arrangements moved by road to complete the last length of the journey to reach site due to the challenging route from Kolghat Jetty to Sindri Site. The last 380 km was executed by surface transportation which was the most challenging phase in the entire process of expediting the project especially the last turn towards site, which was the most challenging turn due to the road condition and surrounding infrastructure.

The major challenge faced while executing this shipment were

  1. The sudden announcement of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic which led to disruption. This needed meticulous coordination and planning to ensure that road transport and vessel movement to Kolkata are done on time as the equipment was to be delivered at project site before water level recedes in River Ganga due to peak Summer and before Monsoon starts.
  2. Another crucial challenge faced was continuous bad weather conditions in Kolkata. Shifting the Urea Reactor from Vessel to Barge, it was very important to have a accurate lifting plan and seamless coordination based on the weather conditions to ensure the Urea Reactor was shifted safely.
  3. Another challenge faced was Cyclone Amphaan hitting Kolkotta and we had to ensure that the Urea Reactor loaded on the barge was positioned and parked safe to face the cyclone and ensuring all additional lashing as required for the safety of the cargo.

With detailed route surveys, swept path analysis, accurate lifting plan and seamless coordination our team managed to overcome all the challenges and the Urea Reactor is now delivered safely to site.

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