Maria Angelou      Thu, 25/04/2019

* 19.11.1943

† 30.11.2018

U.T.T. S.A., Barcelona, Spain


Edward (Ed) Harrison Bacon’s ashes were buried on Friday, 5 April 2019 in the close circle of his family off the Mallorca Sea. Edward (Ed) Harrison Bacon was a member of THLG (The Heavy Lift Group) of the first hour.

Rolf D. Riedl from the “RIEDL-GROUP” and his wife Ellen represented THLG.

In 1988 Rolf D. Riedl and Edward (Ed) Harrison Bacon got to know each other, of course during the elaboration and execution of an extraordinary transport of an optical lens of diameter 6 m, 20 t, from Koch, Oberkochen (Germany) to the observatory on the Pico de Valetta ± 2,800 m high near Granada (E), which reached its performance limit. Narrow, gravelled, steep paths with dozens of hairpin curves over bridges which had to be supported made it difficult to deliver the lens on time and without damage.

This joint project welded them together. Edward (Ed) Harrison Bacon and Rolf D. Riedl became business partners and close personal friends.

Various projects for the Spanish automotive, power plant, chemical, petrochemical and heavy load industries followed.

On Saturday, 8 April, the Bacon family invited Ed’s friends to a “Join us to celebrate Edward’s life party” in Esperles!

Aart van Buuren as representative of “Van der Vlist BV Nederlande” with his wife Trees paid the last tribute to Edward (Ed) Harrison Bacon. Edward (Ed) Harrison Bacon was in charge of “Van der Vlist Spain S.A. Barcelona” for many years.

THLG lost with Edward (Ed) Harrison Bacon a reliable and faithful friend and partner as well as an experienced expert of the global heavy load and project market.

Edward (Ed) Harrison Bacon has left his mark on the Spanish heavy haulage and project market.

Ed was talented speaking 7 languages that opened him the World!

Edward “Ed” Harrison Bacon was a heavy transport specialist in the Spanish market. Born in Swallonfield (Beskshire U.K.) in 1943, Ed Bacon was one of the first members of Rolf R. Riedl’s globally operating THLG (The Heavy Lift Group), a full service network of leading international heavy lift companies.

The first joint project of Riedl and Bacon was the spectacular transport of an optical lens of 6 meters diameter and 20 tons weight from Oberkochen to the Pico Alto near Granada in 1988. Ed Bacon died on 30 November 2018 after a long illness on Mallorca.

On April 7, 2019, his ashes were buried at sea with his close family and friends.

With Ed Bacon, the international heavy goods industry has lost a player whose work has made its mark not only on the Iberian Peninsula.

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