Medhat El Kady      Tue, 07/05/2019
  • Project Information

Location: Naga Hamadi Power Stations
EGL scope of work: Unloading of Cargo in Port, Port Shift, In-Land Transportation to the Site and Jacking/Skidding to Foundation.

  • Project Execution

On the 12th March 2019 Egyptian Global Logistics (EGL), subsidiary of KADMAR GROUP completed transportation and jacking/skidding of 1 transformer for Naga Hamadi Power Stations.
The transportation wasn’t easy due a long distance (about 1,200 km). 
Thanks to EGL Project Team for cooperation. EGL continues to impress the market with the well trained staff along with the latest fleet equipment and technology in Egypt.
EGL achieved this success through careful planning without sacrificing safety aspects.

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