Colin D'Abreo      Sun, 09/05/2021

At Rhenus Projects, THLG member, we do not just manage shipping, we create transport solutions. We think outside the box, with one goal in mind - meet client requirements.

A key client of RPL USA had a shipment from Laem Chabang, Thailand to Houston, USA - with 48 individual pieces, all of which had to be shipped underdeck, were non-stackable and could only be floor-loaded. In a market where vessels were going full and carriers having enough demand on their main routes to make a stopover at Thailand, this was a challenge. RPL USA and RPL Thailand office worked with Hoegh Autoliners and worked out a plan. With only two MAFIs available in Thailand, still holding cargo on them, there was detailed coordination involved to reposition 15 MAFIs from other regional ports to Thailand. Hoegh also provided great support in arranging an alternate vessel suitable for our cargo, repositioning equipment and providing excellent ground support to make this plan work.

Are you looking for tailored solutions for your cargo in this challenging market? Contact Ritesh Nair @ Rhenus Projects USA for Project Shipping Solutions - wherever your shipping needs might be. We just created a solution from India to Chile for another client, and that's just a tip of the iceberg. We have a lot of such solutions in the works, with our dedicated staff working hard behind the scenes. Our family of THLG members across the world are always at hand to assist.

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