Murilo Caldana      Mon, 03/08/2020

FOX Brasil | Project Logistics, a The Heavy Lift Group member, was hired by to manage the complete export logistics of stators from Brazil to Peru. 

The Hydroelectric Power Plant of Matucana, which began operations in 1972, its located on the San Jerónimo District of Surco, in the 64.5km east of Lima. The intake is connected to the plant through a 20-km tunnel. Matucana’s surge tank is made up of two 500-metre-long underground chambers, with a capacity of 30,000 m3 each which allows this plant a nominal capacity that may run up to three hours, even in dry periods.

Image removed. Image removed.Our scope of work included the reception of the cargo at the Brazilian Port – Santos, São Paulo. All the management and handling of the cargoes, stuffing, lashing, the International ocean freight, complete port terminal handling at the country of destination – Port of Callao, Peru, and delivery of the pieces at the Matucana Hydro Power Plant.

Besides of the tight schedule, our customer made another important request that is “avoid extra handling and moving the cargo”.
Considering this instruct, we aligned the discharge of the cargo from the truck directly to mafi trailer. The same action, was made at the Port of destination. The cargo was loaded from the mafi directly to the truck.

There was no lack of dedication from our team, as well as from all subcontractors for an excellent execution. Thanks Andina Freight for the support, good communication, management and mutual trust.

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