Armando  Lee      Mon, 20/07/2020

Mexico, Wind Energy Industry; Tradelossa has completed another large scale operation for La Chalupa Wind Farm, located on American territory in Rio Hondo, Texas.

The project consisted about the transportation of 49 sections of wind towers, classified as T1, T2, and T3; All towers were loaded at our client's facilities in Mexican territory within the port city of Altamira, Tamaulipas and transported to the border's crossing point ''Los Indios'' between the Mexican city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas and the Texan county's of Cameron, US.

Operations began during the last weeks of April and successfully concluded during the month of July. Through the course of the project, Tradelossa took on the task of carrying out not only the transportation of all the towers inside Mexican territory but also the entire process of crossing all towers at border, and their delivery at the wind farm in Rio Hondo, Texas.

Covering a total of 27,587 Km and carrying a total of 3,220 metric tons for the entire realization of the project.

Using both our fleet's flexibility and our crew's expertise was how Tradelossa completed all tasks without a single setback, contemplating not only safe passage for each tower section but also considering all rigorous security filters at border due to the COVID-19 pandemic on both countries.


Dimensions regarding tower sections:

  • T1: 21.03 meters in length, 4.61 meters in width, 4.32 meters in height, weighing 79.8 metric tons.
  • T2: 32.98 meters in length, 4.32 meters in width, 4.31 meters in height, weighing 76.8 metric tons.
  • T3: 32.98 meters in length, 4.61 meters in width, 4.32 meters in height, weighing 76.8 metric tons.
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