Nico van der Vlist      Fri, 07/06/2019

On the 24th May the first pile was driven into the ground to commence work on our new facility at Van der Vlist Schelluinen.

To celebrate this occasion, the first pile was driven into the ground by hand by a team of general managers and managing directors, showing the unity and team ethic that has always been ingrained at Van der Vlist.

The transport department and trucks have been located at Schelluinen since the initial development in December 2017, and will continue working from portable cabins until development is completed. Not only is an office being built, but also a new workshop. The workshop of Van der Vlist Technical Services (Service & Maintenance of Van der Vlist equipment) is currently located in Groot-Ammers but will move to Schelluinen once the workshop is completed. The other departments, currently located in Groot-Ammers, will remain there.

We expect to be moving into the new facility this time next year!

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