Elisabeth Cosmatos      Thu, 14/01/2021





this week we speak with


Mohammed Adeib Al-Khouli, Managing Director,

International for Transit & Transport,

UAE (with a focus on the Syrian market)




Mohammed was born in 1962 . He has a BSc in Architecture.

He officially joined the family business in 1982. 

Mohammed specializes in looking after the interests of European forwarders in Syria. 

He is involved in field operations worldwide and has full knowledge of equipment capacity routes limitation compliance. 

In short: Over size cargo handling is his passion 



Tell us about International For Transit & Transport. Who owns the company?

IFTT is owned by me. We started as a cereal traders with farming business. In 1970 the family established a customs brokerage arm. Business expanded to trucking groupage service between Syria and Europe in both directions and handling power projects in Syria, as well as diplomatic missions relocation. 

In 1988 we established a subsidiary in Dubai where we started handling oilfield equipment and rig moves linking the Gulf With Syria.

Which is IFTT specialty and service range?

Oversized Cargo, Projects, Oilfield Equipment, Self-Propelled & Crane Relocation and Cross-Border Transport.

Tell us about projects that you have handled recently.

We recently handled a vessel of Oilfield Equipment to Alexandria-Egypt.

The scope of the project included: Loading, Unloading, Pre-Carriage, Documentation, Port Handling & Vessel Chartering.

We understand that you have a specialty in the Syrian market. Are there any issues one should consider when planning a project shipment to Syria?

Syria is not very well equipped and many unforeseen events may happen, so advance planning and coordination is a must and longer lead time than usual is required.

How has the country’s situation affected business and transport in general? 

The business cycle is very slow and inflation very high, which led to reduced handled volume, higher competition, lower profit margins & unpredictable profitability.

What is your advantage against competition? Why do you stand out?

Our privately owned equipment, local & overseas experience, strong business links.

We also maintain a short decision making chain with infrastructure, a strong CSR and a system used by multinational companies.

What made you join the industry?

Originally my family owned a customs brokerage company for 50 years with branches around the Middle East, so my passion was felt way in advance.

What was the impact that COVID-19 brought to your business?

Uncertainty and worldwide difficulty in having the appropriate plan blinded us for a while until unfortunately we realized that COVID-19 was here to stay, at least for a while.

So we started working with this realization in mind and up until now people have different approaches, which makes business very difficult.

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Mohammed Al-Khouli  +963-95-0006499 mohammed@khouli.me
Wesal Ali +963-95-0006497 networks.iftt@gmail.com
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