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Antonov Airlines specialises in the transport of outsized and project cargo worldwide using a fleet of five 120-tonne payload AN-124s, two 150-tonne payload AN-124s, a 60-tonne payload AN-22, and the unique 250-tonne payload AN-225 - the world's heaviest aircraft.

Twenty-five years after launching as the first company to offer the AN-124 commercially, Antonov Airlines continues to deliver air cargo solutions across the aerospace, defence, energy, humanitarian, industrial, automotive, and oil and gas sectors.

Antonov Airlines is a division of Antonov Company, a Kiev, Ukraine-headquartered company, which designs, develops, produces, and maintains the AN freighters.
Service Details
Outsize air cargo
Specialists in heavy lifts operating An124-100 aircraft, the largest cargo aircraft in the world.
Antonov currently holds world records for the heaviest single piece of air cargo at 135.2 tons and the heaviest combined load of 148 tons

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United Kingdom

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