We are synonymous with Safety, Quality and Innovation
Equipment is a critical driver for success in special transport. Do you want to strengthen your position? This you can do with Broshuis low loaders, semi-low loaders, flat semi-trailers and container trailers.

Broshuis is driven by innovation. Your questions represent the driving force in this. We implement innovative solutions by combining experience from the market with our technical know-how. In this way, you are always our first concern when it comes to weight-bearing capacity, length and fuel consumption.

Even though every trailer is unique, with Broshuis you can be sure of opting for a reliable investment. Our trailers consist of stable structures, are expertly assembled and are given a high-quality finish ensuring an extended service life. What is more, we train drivers so that they make optimal use of the equipment and navigate our roads safely.

Do you want to set yourself apart in the market? By combining reliable, standard components with innovative solutions, Broshuis has created the trailer that you need. You will be investing in a solid extension to your business. And together with us you will grow into a strong partner for your customers.

Broshuis… “Driving innovation”
Service Details
Extendible platform trailers, up to 75 meter and 6 axle's
Extendible semi low loaders, up to 12 axle lines, triple extendible
Extendible low loaders, up to 8 axle lines
Multifunctional container chassis
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Advise on buying the right trailer equipment

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