Medhat El Kady      Thu, 06/05/2021

Further to our below Circular No. 28/2021 of 13-Apr-2021, and our circular number 30 dated 29-04-2021, please find hereunder

Pls. find below our free translation letter from the head of Custom Authority regarding the implementation date of ACI in Egypt


Circular Instructions by Charmin of the Customs Authority No. 11 of 2021

With reference to the decisions of the Minister of Finance No. 38 and 222 of 2021 regarding the controls and procedures for the system of pre-registration of shipments (ACI) in coordination with the customs executing the project. In addition to the Circular of Instructions of the President of the Authority No. 14 of 2021 and mentioned that many inquiries have been received regarding the validity of the date of the mandatory implementation of the system specified in 01/07/2021 in the Minister of Finance Decision No. 38 of year 2021 on what is shipped or on what is received into the country on this date.

Therefore, we would like to inform that the mandatory implementation of the ACI will be carried out in accordance with the Minister of Finance Decisions No. 38 . 222 of year 2021 with effect from shipment date  01/07/2021, provided that it is shipped from abroad into the country on this date, based on the fact that this system is based on registering the ACID shipment identification number before shipping it from abroad.

These instructions are strictly carried out

Charmin of the Customs Authority

Issued on 04/05/2021

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As per above clear instructions, please accept booking without ACID till 30-06-2021, Thereafter do not accept any shipments without ACID as it will not be discharged at Egyptian Port

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