Charlie Latham      Wed, 24/08/2022

Allelys, THLG member for the UK, have provided the full service solution to offload, deliver and install four transformers, weighing 255te, at Dogger Bank Wind Farm.

The transformers were received in two shipments at Albert Dock in Hull, where the team lifted the vessels using Allelys’ LG1550 crane onto a 10 axle SPMT and shunted to a storage location for transhipment to our 350te girder frame trailer. They were then transported before the next shipment arrived.

The transformers, measuring 9.5m long, 4.9m wide and 4.9m high, were loaded into a 350te girder frame and transported over four consecutive weekends to Creyke Beck Substation.

The transport arrangement, measuring 70m long and weighing 397te, had to navigate a challenging route, which included 3 structures that required bridge inspections and AIP’s to be submitted. The significant road works and road layout changes at Jock’s Lodge also posed a challenge, however the team identified and established a new route in advance of the project start date.

Once on-site, the units were also installed using a jacking and skidding system. The units were jacked up, the skid gear positioned underneath and then skidded into position in four separate bunds. Allelys used turntables to rotate three of the four transformers and a two directional skid for the final unit.

“We were involved at every stage of the project from completing letter drops, organising street furniture removal and temporary traffic management, through to project management and engineering support. To achieve four deliveries on consecutive weekends is a testament to the team’s hard work and ensured that the operation was completed on time.” said Zac Smout, Senior Project Manager at Allelys.

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