Murilo Caldana      Mon, 15/06/2020

FOX Brasil | Project Logistics successfully handled the logistics of 4 x out of gage components composing a boiler, destinated to a biomass power plant at Brazil’s country side.

Description                       Qty         L(m)                W (m)              H (m)

Convection tube                1           12,550             4,38                 3,40    

Hearth                                 1           10,700             3,85                 4,20    

Economizer                         1           10,880             3,85                 2,65    

Combustion Chamber        1           11,450             3,75                 3,75    

FOX Brasil’s team has managed the logistics from the sea freight, receiving under hook on delivery 1000km inside the country at job site. A route survey was performed previously for the whole project management.

Occupational Safety and Health rules were specially taken into account, due to the high risk for contamination during the Covid-19 outbreak in Brazil.

FOX Brasil | Project Logistics is specialized on managing the logistics for #turnkeyproject #biomasspowerplant. Please count on our support on your next project:

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