Medhat El Kady      Thu, 04/02/2021

Egyptian Global Logistics is much proud to announce about our latest job done by our project team. Transporting a 44 Meter cold box with a very light weight 67T and a width of 3.60M  

A lot of obstacles were faced throughout our journey, starting with the use of 16 axle lines and defiantly we used turning tables for loading the cold box which was incredibly critical during loading due to its very light weight and over length dimensions.

Adding to this, it was not easy to maneuver inside port.  Through the dedicated effort of our Team, we at EGL are always keen to act on the highest standard of professionalism, timing, cost and to ensure customer satisfaction through luxury services.

The accuracy and delicacy in dealing with all the information at crucial times is what ensures the excellence we constantly pursue.

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