Medhat El Kady      Thu, 04/06/2020

Date : June 04, 2020
EGL (Kadmar Group) successfully completed the latest order  

On the 28th May 2020, Egyptian Global Logistics (EGL), subsidiary of KADMAR GROUP completed transportation of two heavy lift vessels. The site was located about 900 km from the port (our engineers suggested using the longest road to avoid old bridges on the coastal road and to save time for civil work as the client insisted on the delivery of vessels before the 28th May) It was a quite challenging operation scheme that was performed and completed, despite the difficult conditions.

1) Receiving the cargo at the container terminal that unloaded the cargo with terminal gantry cranes.
2) Current circumstances: COVID-19.
3) Mandatory daily curfew: from 17:00 till 06:00
. (Transportations was effected during El-Fitr feast)
4) Vessel dimensions: 9.6 m x 5.5 m x 5.4 m. Weight: 117 tons/each.
Thanks to EGL Project Team for cooperation. EGL continues to impress the market with the well trained staff along with the latest fleet equipment and technology in Egypt.
EGL achieved this success through careful planning without sacrificing safety aspect in order to meet clients demand.

We are proud to announce that Egyptian Global Logistics (EGL), subsidiary of KADMAR GROUP is considered to be the largest (by assets) 4PL in Egypt. EGL has 18 branches covering all strategic locations in Egypt. EGL owns the newest fleet of modular trailers, telescopic trailers, low bed trailers, normal trailers in the market, as well as jacking system and arranges port storage, intermediate storage, stevedoring and installation with own staff and equipment (hydraulic lifts, hydraulic jacks and skidding frames).What makes the spirit of EGL unique in the field of project transportation and heavy lift logistics is the pursuit of excellence for the benefit of the customer. That is why, for more than 35 years, industrial companies worldwide entrust EGL to carry and handle their heavy or oversized cargo anywhere in the world. We remain a viable, dynamic and professional Group of Local Professionals believing in our moto of Power in Unity and we are confident.

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