David Yan      Fri, 12/06/2020

Three AN-124 charters were well-planned and organized during a short time by Hisiang, member of The Heavy Lift Group for China.  On 25 May,2020,  Kuwait client decided to change 340ton equipments from seafreight into airfreight due to recent virus lockdown resulting  big construction delay in Kuwait.  Decision was quick. Delivery was not easy.  Considering more than 7 heavy packages ranging from 35ton upto 25tons each,  We were discussing with loading master every day about how to design the shackles and frames and slings. Honestly we are not drawing designing experts. Luckily we were introduced by France supplier to seek their contracted engineers to make 7 special frames/slings/shackles within 5 days. Impressive French speed!! Awesome, 5 days during this special period! I cant believe it.  In order to keep the loading balance of three AN124, 7 heavy packages were splited into 3 flights  First flight was well co-ordinated in XCR airport on 09 June,2020. Second flight was completed on 12 June,2020. The last flight will be planned on 14 June,2020. Cheers for completion of these beautiful jobs  even within such  special  European travel restriction time.  Wish our life and business can return to normal as soon. Will upload more nice photos with our banners with the third flight in the coming days. 

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