Mladen Ganchev      Wed, 07/08/2019

Holleman Bulgaria has successfully delivered a transport crawler TR 350 in Obilic, Kosovo.

The journey of the unit measuring 967 x 728 x 179 cm and weighting 73.7 MT started in Magdeburg, Germany where it was loaded on a river vessel.

Unfortunately the navigation on Rhine-Main canal in the region of lock Riedenburg near Nuremberg was blocked from 8th to 19th of June due to collision of a passenger ship which delayed the trip.

The cargo was transshipped in Passau and arrived in port Smederevo, Serbia on July 9th where it was reloaded on a truck of Holleman.

After 8 days waiting time at the border with Kosovo due to customs issues and dismantling many obstacles including the office of the border control the crawler arrived at the site on July 19th and was discharged in a good condition without any claims.   

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