David Yan      Wed, 20/03/2019

HISIANG LOGISTICS COMPANY was awarded an exclusive air charter contract by CHINA PETROLEUM for the routes from CHINA to TURKMENISTAN. All the cargo are for oil & gas EPC projects. The first charter flight was effected on 04 OCT, 2018 which is during CHINESE NATIONAL HOLIDAY. This create big challenge. We had to plan all the job including the trucking& airport handling& X-ray sanitary inspection & customs handling etc. within such urgent and short period. All the people involved were solid together with super-efficient communication to meet all the needs. Our first beautiful “GREEN BIRD” ---ILLUSSION 76 with 42 tons payload had a safe landing in ASB airport with 6 hours journey. Up to now we already moved 6 continuous IL76 freighter from different CHINA airports up to TURKMENISTAN. No matter what kind of situation we met, we always found the right solutions. I still remembered the last charter ex Urumqi airport where the weather was freezing cold with -18 degree after big snow. Our term strived to finish the loading and monitoring in the big storm with great passion and knowledge. All the IL76 were operated perfectly and smoothly. We are expecting more belt-road projects business in 2019! We look forward to being your best project partner in CHINA! Do feel free to contact with us at pricing@hisiang.com

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