Medhat El Kady      Thu, 04/02/2021

Project name: - SARAI Badr Substations.

Client name: - Madkour Group

Cargo type: - 2 units Transformer’s (145ton/each) + Accessories

Scope of work: -

  1. EGL made route and site survey before executions
  2. Loading Transformers from 10th of Ramadan Transformers Factory.
  3. In-Land Transportations to job site.
  4. Managed to get all necessary road permits from utilities
  5. Jacking and skidding transformers to foundations

Date of Execution: - 24th November 2020

Date of Completion: - 01st December 2020

List of Equipment’s used: -

  1. Two Hydraulic Modular (16axles/Each).
  2. Jacking & Skidding Enerpac system (Hydraulic & Pushing Jacks, steel & support beams, Rollers & wooden blocks)
  3. Manpower 15 employee (Supervisor, Engineering, SHE-Q, Operators, Drivers and Riggers)

Challenges: -

  1. Loading transformers wasn’t easy due narrow space in transformers factory.
  2. EGL crew was very carefully in jacking operations as factory completely full of spare parts and another transformer’s
  3. Especially arrangement’s with factory productions line.
  4. Site entrance not easy due many H.V cables 500KV and 220KV.
  5. Foundations access curved and sloped (25 degree)
  6. Executions area width 6meter only between control room and transformers foundations.
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