Kumkum Sultana      Tue, 25/01/2022

Shodesh Shipping & Logistic Company along with our sister concern Shodesh Shipping Line, have successfully handled another breakbulk shipment recently, this time for the United Nations.

The Break-Bulk vessel named “MV OT IDEAAL” had arrived at Chittagong Sea port on 14th January, 2022 with defense cargo returned from UN Mission. The cargo was Jeep, Truck water, Heavy Crane, Excavator, Bulldozer, Truck Utility, Containers with Arms etc. which belong to Bangladesh Police, Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh Air Force. Total weight was 413.55 tons, whereas total number of units was 41.

The vessel had come from Mombasa, Kenya, and it was GEAR-LESS VESSEL. Generally, gear-less break-bulk vessels are not permitted to berth at CHITTAGONG SEAPORT JETTY. Consequently, “Berthing of MV OT IDEAAL” was the first challenge for us which was successfully overcome thanks to our decades of experience, professional nexus and excellent rapport with the authorities of ports, customs, and terminals.

We turned the impossible into possible by receiving the berthing permission for MV OT IDEAAL. The vessel was assigned to berth at New Mooring Container Terminal (NCT1) jetty. A harbor crane was used to discharge the cargo from vessel after completion of Customs Clearance procedure. A total of 34 vehicles were used to deliver the cargo from Chittagong Port to Dhaka Cantonment Police Headquarters and three 50 ton capacity cranes were used to unload the cargo at the consignee job site.