ANDREA HUPPERT      Sun, 14/06/2020

ITER is the most ambitious energy project in the world today!

The construction of the largest tokamak ever designed, a machine hoping to demonstrate that fusion power of the sun and stars can be used as large-scale, non-CO2 emitting energy source to negate electricity.

Sosersid, member of The Heavy Lift Group for France, are the sole handler on the port of Marseille-Fos for the ITER project.

This component arrived from China, weighs 448.7 tons with a diameter of 11 meters.

Sosersid teamed up with CFT,  Daher, Istrans Exploitation, MPMM and Transports Capelle for the unloading of the cargo in both arrival and destination points, ro-ro loading and transport. 

A total convoy that climbed to 650 tons counting the tractor and its trailer, consisting of 22 axle lines on four lines!