Satish Kumar Singh      Thu, 18/11/2021

Total Movements successfully delivered a Super OD ( Diameter more than 7 m) Solid Stainless Steel Recondenser for an LNG Regasification Terminal on the east coast of India.

It was quite a complex movement that involved multiple legs as follows:

1. Road Transportation from the factory to nearby Jetty 
2. Barge Transportation from Jetty to Nearest Major Seaport on the West Coast of India.
3. Sea Transportation by Heavylift vessel from load port to discharge port on the east coast of India.
4. Road Transportation from Discharge port to site.

Major challenges encountered were:

1. Mobilization of so many equipments to fulfill each leg.
2. Synchronization of multiple transportation legs.
3. Getting a suitable coastal tonnage in time for breakbulk shipping.
4. Lack of prior track record of Handling Heavylift cargo at Discharge port.

We are happy to have delivered this cargo safely. A big shout out to all the stakeholders involved who played a key role to make this operation a grand success.

Moving Cargo with Passion!

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