Armando  Lee      Tue, 06/10/2020

On this occasion, our specialized transport and rigging team were given the task of delivering three, 64-tons, transformers for the multiple operations of superloads transportation required to complete those all project's tasks. 

the three transformers departed on Monday, October 5th from the NAIM airbase in Texcoco, Mexico, to the Santa Lucia airbase located in Mexico City. It is estimated that the operations will be successfully concluded on Tuesday, October 6th.

Scope of the project:

  1. - Loading maneuvers for the transformers and their accessories.
  2. - Transportation of all transformers and accessories (From Texcoco airport to Santa Lucia airport.
  3. - Unloading maneuvers of the transformers inside 


6.22 meters (244.88 inches) of length, 3.80 meters (149.66 inches) of width, reaching the 4.30 meters (169.29 inches) of height, with a total weight of 64 tons. 

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