Armando  Lee      Fri, 18/06/2021

The Mexican haulers, Tradelossa are known to work hard and transform every challenge into an achievement, few weeks ago, they were in charge of the hauling of two oversized and ultra-heavy presses.

Received within the port of Ensenada, Baja California, our customers approached them with the goal of moving these two ultra heavy components through the state of Baja California (located northside, in Mexico's west coast), departing from the port of Ensenada to their facilities within the city of Tijuana.

Making use of a 12-axle+deck vehicle configuration, both pieces were successfully transported to their destination.

their engineering team realized prior to the start of the project that the main route's challenge was the fact that the port of Ensenada was not designed for the regular reception of oversized components, therefore, the width of the exits through the booths was smaller compared to the cargo's dimensions.

With the help of two of our trucks, Tradelossa decided to make a rounding maneuver through a dirt road properly adapted for the safe crossing of the pieces and successfully crossing the booth inside the port of Ensenada.

Arriving safely and complying with the tight deadlines and schedule established by our customers, Tradelossa arrived at their customer's facilities in the city of Tijuana, Baja California with both components.

8.29 meters long, 4.97 meters wide, 3.82 meters high with a total weight of 230 tons.

8.94 meters long, 4.26 meters wide, 3.6 meters high. With a total weight of 165 tons.

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