Mauricio Vázquez del Mercado      Wed, 19/10/2022

After recent events around the world, the dynamics of the energy generation industry have changed. Today, Economic strategies like the Nearshoring between nations like Canada, Mexico and the U.S. bring a new opportunity for these markets and the biggest power generation suppliers around the globe are starting to see this. Mexico is a land of opportunity for investment, their country currently leading the building of two of the biggest ICPP (Internal Combustion Power Plants) on the North-West side of the county, specifically within the States of Baja California and Sonora.

Both Power Plants will be administered by the ‘‘Comisión Federal de Electricidad’’ (Electric Federal Commission) or ‘‘CFE’’ and provide 600 MW to both states alongside other northern regions near the Mexico-US border. But in order to provide this amount of power for the entire region, 46 Dual Engines alongside six more Generations were set to be delivered, departing from the port of Ensenada, Baja California Sur to the cities of Mexicali, B.C.S And San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora.

Arguably one of the busiest ports in all of Mexico, the Port of Ensenada is quite famous for the most traffic of specialized cargo in Mexico and Tradelossa was the one in charge for the reception, port operations, hauling to site and unloading of each one of the components.

Starting operations right in August of this year, all components were successfully unloaded from the Vessels with the Tradelossa team making use of their Gantry and strand jack lifting equipment at the port’s facilities to load the components to a 19 axle Hydraulic configuration and properly secured by Tradelossa’s leashing system to ensure the safety of the cargo.

The Gantry and lifting equipment used for this rigging operations had a load capacity of up to 550 tons. Giving Tradelossa the chance to put all their talents to load all components in record time and following all the high security and quality standards that the client required.

Since the Hauling operations started, Tradelossa has successfully delivered 21 of the 24 Super Load components designated to the 400MW Internal Combustion Power Plant ‘‘ICPP MEXICALI ORIENTE’’ located in Mexicali, Baja California Sur. And 16 of the 22 Dual Engines headed to the 200MW Internal Combustion Power Plant ''ICPP Parque Industrial'' in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora.

Cargo dimensions:

Cargo for the ''ICPP Mexicali Oriente'': 12.75 meters in length, 3.80 meters width, 4.40 meters height y and a total weight of 210 tons.

Cargo for the ''ICPP San Luis Rio Colorado'': 13.30 meters in length, 3.30 meters width, 4.60 meters height y and a total weight of 140 tons.

In total over 40 trips were completed not only moving these components but also six more Generators that were successfully delivered to ‘‘ICPP Mexicali Oriente’’. All operations including Vessel reception, rigging of the cargo at port, hauling and delivery on site lasted for about 4 months where Tradelossa’s team made sure to keep up with the tight schedule established by their clients.

Over 6,500 tons have been hauled across the region, departing from the Port of Ensenada, travelling over 6,200 miles throughout the entirety of the project and is estimated to end all operations by November of this year with nearly 8,000 tons transported.

This is by far one Tradelossa’s biggest projects and their success will launch one of Mexico’s most ambitious power generation projects of the 2022, providing 600 MW across the two states to meet the High-Power demands that the region will require.

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