Mauricio Vázquez del Mercado      Thu, 23/02/2023

Tradelossa was invited to be part of an ambitious project that will set a precedent within the public transportation and the tourism sector in Mexico. One of the largest mobilization projects in recent years in Mesoamerica.

Designed in service of the local and tourism industry, the Tren Maya is an intercity railway line around the Yucatan Peninsula, in a rough loop around the states of Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan, and Quintana Roo, connecting beach resorts with ancient Mayan sites

The challenge for Tradelossa consists of the mobilization of 62,000 steel rails. Each one with a length of 24 meters (945 inches). In total, 1,488 kilometers (925 miles) of steel rail will be carried, equivalent to half the length of Mexico's territory.

Departing from one of the most influential ports between the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, “Puerto Progreso”, Yucatan. With several site points around the entire region, traveling more than 400 kilometers per route; and covering over 434,400 kilometers (269,762 miles) in total, equivalent to traveling over 100 times the extension of the entire Mexican territory.

Tradelossa's team started operations during the third week of 2023 and setting up an execution plan with the aim of performing over 1200 trips with a continuous flow of shipping operations during the next months until the end of the project, covering all the delivery dates set by the customer.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and dedicating a part of its fleet to this ambitious endeavor, to date, 10% of the project has been completed. This year will be full of achievements for Tradelossa, as during the next months, Tradelossa will be celebrating 50 years of history, moving the industry and being a leading player in the freight transportation sector in Mexico.

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