Satish Kumar Singh      Tue, 25/04/2023

Door-to-Port Movement of 8 units of Transformers (weighing between 50MT to 150MT) + Accessories + Oil Drums from a Factory on India's west coast for the Tanzania Electricity Power Project.

Our scope of activity included the entirety from picking up the consignment at the supplier's works in India through unloading it at the Tanzanian discharge port.

The essential components of this execution included:
- Deploying a large number of different vehicle types at the supplier's facilities
- Arranging a suitable heavylift vessel capable of moving the entire cargo lot
- Managing the customs and port operations in India during the festival holidays
- Ensuring document preparation in close coordination with the customer to fulfil Indian and Tanzanian customs rules
- Berthing of the vessel and seamless discharge at a congested Tanzanian port
- Daily check of the pressure levels in each main unit and regular reporting to the customer
- 24x7 cooperation with every stakeholder involved

Our team worked meticulously, right from planning to execution, to ensure a smooth and hassle-free operation while keeping our client updated at every stage of this Multimodal Transportation.

We would like to thank all the stakeholders involved for the successful execution of this critical & time-bound shipment.

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