Thu 30 June, 2022

Road special transport from Uruguay to Chile for Rowners, THLG member for Argentina. Crossing Cordillera de Los Andes during winter season.

If it exists, We move it!

Wed 15 June, 2022

Riedl Group, THLG member for Germany, was awarded with the next SynCon Station! First, the Trafo with over 130tons was shipped by geared vessel to Hamburg.

Fri 10 June, 2022

EZ Link Taiwan transported heavy weight machinery via Heavy Lift vessel from Taiwan to Bilbao in Spain.

Wed 01 June, 2022

It was a productive couple of days for Cosmatos Group, THLG member for Greece. Clearing and receiving cargo ex MV PAULA. Packing list included containers, many big units and trafos of approx. 200T each.

Mon 16 May, 2022

Fri 06 May, 2022

Total Movements is proud to announce that it successfully handled & delivered more than 65,000 freight tons of cargo to the 5MTPA LNG Regasification Terminal in Odisha, India.

Fri 29 April, 2022

Egyptian Global Logistics, the Egyptian-based transportation and logistics giant, has managed to move the longest beam ever moved inside Cairo city, which has more than 20.5 million inhabitants.

Tue 19 April, 2022

KBB Transport, THLG member for Canada, successfully provided logistics solution for 2 rail ballast power units 79 MT each and 2 rail ballast spoil units each at 73 MT units received and transported from Term Newark NJ to rail site in PA.

Sun 17 April, 2022

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