Tue 25 January, 2022

The very last day of 2021 Cosmatos Group, THLG member for Greece, arranged the repatriation of a police military boat and a vehicle ex FRONTEX mission from Greece back to the country of origin.

Tue 25 January, 2022

Shodesh Shipping & Logistic Company along with our sister concern Shodesh Shipping Line, have successfully handled another breakbulk shipment recently, this time for the United Nations.

Mon 24 January, 2022

Following the example of the American and Danish army, the Belgian army has now also opted for the quality of Broshuis, THLG member for the Netherlands.

Mon 24 January, 2022

Total Movements was entrusted with the responsibility of transporting 2999 MT of HH Rails from the discharge port to the project site including unloading and stacking at the BMRCL Depot with a notice of less than 7 days.

Thu 20 January, 2022

Nakama Wordwide Solutions, THLG member for Panama, was there to take part in a historical moment: the export of 2 containers of LNG from Panama to Equador. 

Mon 10 January, 2022

Allelys, THLG member for the UK, are supporting the Viking Link project by transporting cable reels to multiple compounds across Lincolnshire.

Sat 08 January, 2022

Almajdouie Logistics, THLG member for Saudi Arabia, transported a goliath crane of 1500 ton lifting capacity, and components, through barge, to King Salman maritime complex.

Mon 03 January, 2022

This consignment (with a height of more than 7m/about 700FRT) was moved from the supplier's plant to the load port on the west coast of India.

Thu 23 December, 2021

Allelys have recently completed the delivery of two 199te rotors and two 62te stators for Keith Substation in Scotland.