Andreas Hytas      Sun, 19/05/2024

THLG members' collaboration: 

Grindrod, THLG member for Mozambique, and Frits Kroon Transport, THLG member for South Africa.


4 x 105t Locomotives were loaded by means of a 4-legged post gantry system with a capacity of 400t onto the multi axles raging from 12 -14 axles lines with Gross combination off ± 180t. Total transport length was 550km and took 3 days travel to destination where we offloaded with the gantry system again.


Firstly, we did an extensive route survey to obtain the best routeOnce loaded we had to weigh first and submitted the route survey and weighbridge certificates, in order to get the permit issued. Once the permit was issued, we needed to get in touch with the Metro police to take the convoy of 12 vehicles (4 trucks and 8 escort vehicles) out of the Metro area to the open roads. Security was placed every night next to the cargo due to high value.

Cargo dimension:

4 x Locomotives each is 19m L x 3m W x 5.6m Loaded height

Cargo weight:

± 105t

Location of execution:

Loading in the Capital of South Africa, Pretoria and moved to the Border between South Africa and Mozambique, Komatipoort

Preparation time for the project:

It took around 2 weeks at first it was 2 Locos to be moved then increased to 4 units.

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