Tue 05 December, 2023

To endure, global brands must deliver consistently on the reputations that first inspired demand, but even worldwide businesses know that local tastes vary.

Mon 16 October, 2023

In the dynamic world of logistics, where every move is a puzzle waiting to be solved, selling solutions for project cargo demands a complex set of multiple skills and a deep understanding of the industry and customers’ business. With over 20 years of global experience in project logistics, helping my customers and working for Hindustan Cargo, Allcargo Logistics, MD-Deugro, CEO-Total Movements and a track record of mentoring and grooming more than 30 senior leaders in this industry, I've distilled in this blog, a few key tips and tricks to help Sales professionals in this specialized industry.

Mon 17 July, 2023

I remember being told once by one of my superiors that logistics is no rocket-science. It may not be rocket-science, but logistics planning and support is imperative for the success of any operation that involves international trading activity, global transport of raw materials or finished products and the associated Export-Import (exim) regulations.