Thu 28 September, 2023

This heavylift transportation involved moving a 41-metre-long / 680MT Ammonia Converter and a 30-metre-long / 380MT Ammonia Unitized Chiller from the supplier's factory to the load port by Multi-modal Transportation.

Mon 04 September, 2023
Cosmatos Group, THLG member for Greece, has coordinated the delivery of a hydrogen plant from the port of Thessaloniki to the UK. The project included 963 tonnes of cargo, totalling 7,940 cu m. It included some of the largest individual loads to move through Thessaloniki city centre and loaded at the port.
Mon 21 August, 2023

Altius Bolivia has completed the transport and delivery of a reactor 176 ton, 26 m length and 7 m diameter.

Wed 16 August, 2023

On very short notice L.Branco Lda was awarded the transport of a large crawler crane from Algiers to Setubal. We have chartered a small coaster and organized stevedoring at destination. Quick and efficient job.

Mon 31 July, 2023
This consignment of about 1100FRT was moved from the supplier's factory in Indonesia to the two distinct ports in Australia. Transportation from the supplier's works to the load port, customs clearance at the load port, and shipping from the Indonesian port to the Australian discharge ports were all encompassed in our scope.
Sat 29 July, 2023
Dear members, THLG’s third entry during THLG’s recent Conference was Modpack System, a company founded in 2007 by its owner who followed his passion for engineering and developed it into a successful “single source supplier”.
Tue 25 July, 2023
Dear THLG Members, During our last conference in The Hague, Tomegris also received the green light to join THLG by vote.
Tue 25 July, 2023

On account of our friends of DCS Liburnus, we have handled today a 22M / 75 tons heat exchanger in the port of Setubal. We have used two cranes in tandem.

A smooth operation to start the day!


Luis Branco


Mon 24 July, 2023
Dear THLG members, During our Conference in The Hague, THLG welcomed Compagnie Maritime Nantaise as a new member of France.
Thu 13 July, 2023
Dear THLG members, During our recent Conference in The Hague, one of the most intense moments was that of Jos and Marlies Willems retirement speech.