Wed 05 May, 2021

We are pleased to attach the Project News from Star Shipping - Karachi - Pakistan 

Wed 28 April, 2021
Shipments under our ship charter to a new power plant in Greece continue.
Wed 28 April, 2021

6 units of Transformers along with their accessories were shipped from China to Australia. The journey began at the Chinese load port and ended at the Australian discharge ports.

Tue 27 April, 2021
Star Shipping Pakistan has done a Project movement of a Compressor & Cooler with accessories from Port Qasim to the Daharki Project Site, recently.
Sat 24 April, 2021

In 4 minutes, know the fastest way for understanding Egypt's ACI rules & regulations. 

Fri 16 April, 2021

Dear members,

Yesterday, 15th of April 2021, one more successful Conference has ended and we were all very excited to see each other again, even virtually! Thank you all for your attendance.

Tue 06 April, 2021

Total Movements, THLG member for India, in collaboration with ABC India Limited, successfully executed the Multimodal Transportation of ICT(240 MT) and GT(220MT) transformers for the most prestigious project.

Wed 31 March, 2021

Last week we delivered the last parts of the 32 towers. With 12 parts per tower, this makes a total of 384 exceptional transports.

Tue 16 March, 2021
Dear Valuable Partners, We at EGL, THLG member for Egypt, are glad to announce that our mother company, Kadmar Shipping, has been awarded the FONASBA certification for the world's high-quality ship brokerage and agents.
Thu 11 March, 2021

Successful End to End Logistics of 2 units of Transformers + Accessories from Factory to Foundation for Los Angeles Department of Water & Power.