Thu 04 June, 2020

Date : June 04, 2020
EGL (Kadmar Group) successfully completed the latest order  

Tue 19 May, 2020

In these highly uncertain times, Total Movements, member of The Heavy Lift Group for India, is proud to have shipped a full shipload of over 12

Mon 11 May, 2020

FOX Brasil | Project Logistics has shipped this week a backpressure turbine (L 6,10 x W 4,20 x H 3,20 m) + its accessories from Brazil to North America.

Tue 05 May, 2020

Hauling oversized cargo sometimes requires some unusual solutions.

Thu 23 April, 2020

Valley Group successfully relocated a fully dressed 456,000# HICO transformer over 500' @ the Broadford Station in Virginia.

Mon 20 April, 2020

After the transport of 50 windmills to Wieringermeer, Van der Vlist has commenced the second phase of 32 complete windmills. This makes it the biggest windfarm in the Dutch countryside.

Fri 10 April, 2020

Last year more than 60 new trucks were brought into use by the Van der Vlist Group. Furthermore, Van der Vlist invested in a wide range of semi low loaders and low loaders.

Fri 20 March, 2020

Transportation of used construction equipment and mobile machinery has been a core element of Van der Vlist business for most of our 90 year history.

Mon 02 March, 2020

Recent transport of 6 units for the Hornsea Wind Farm project by Allelys, member of The Heavy Lift Group for the UK. The largest units sitting almost 6.4m high when loaded had to avoid a low bridge and carefully navigate under overhead cables.