Satish Kumar Singh      Thu, 30/05/2024

Total Movements member of THLG from India moved ODCs/Heavylifts for a Petrochemical Refinery in East India

The Coastal shipping + Road Transportation of 2 Crystallizers & a Dehydration Tower was executed from the load ports on west coast of India upto the Refinery site in eastern India.

Receiving the cargo at the designated load ports on the western coast, coastal shipping upto the discharge port on the eastern coast, discharging the cargo onto the hydraulic axle trailer combinations and road transportation to the Refinery involved Total Movements' complete scope.

The key highlights of this challenging Multi-modal move included:

1. Large dimensions rendering the cargo unfit for direct road transportation
2. Unavailability of domestic flag vessel which can move the cargo by sea
3. Civil works within the discharge port due to large cargo dimensions
4. Bypass building of 800meters in the last mile road from nearest port to site
5. Electrical shutdown required in the enroute

With detailed planning and continuous follow up, our team delivered these critical ODCs well in time.
A heartfelt gratitude to all the stakeholders involved who supported us in making this a seamless execution.

Moving Cargo with Passion!

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