Charlie Latham      Tue, 25/06/2024

Allelys, THLG member for the UK, played a pivotal role in the Grand Surrey Canal project with the site transport and installation of 15 precast concrete arch sections. The sections, each weighing 17.5te and measuring up to 11.4m in length were received, manoeuvred and installed using Allelys’ fleet of specialist equipment.

The project presented the unique challenge of installing the units underneath the existing structure as the new construction sits underneath a historic railway bridge. Allelys’ engineering team were tasked with designing a solution, ensuring that meticulous precision was key.

After the initial engineering stage was complete, SPMT’s were identified as the most suitable transport arrangement. A 160te mobile telescopic crane was used to individually load each arch section onto a 6 axle SPMT, with the trailers hydraulic controls providing millimetre accuracy to control the level and final positioning of each unit.

To ensure the stability of the load during transportation, bespoke timber packers were fabricated to match the unique profile of each arch. This in-house capability was crucial to the success of the project and for maintaining the integrity of the structures throughout the process.

“Collaboration and innovative problem solving were key to developing this unique solution, ensuring that the project was executed as safely and precisely as planned,” explained Neil Jones, Senior Commercial Manager at Allelys.

“This project will now progress to a subsequent operation that will involve the removal of the main bridge beam from the existing overhead structure, paving the way for the construction of the new bridge deck section.”

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