About the Heavy Lift Group

The Heavy Lift Group is an international group of specialized heavy transport companies which combine their forces to offer the best expertise and service according to customer needs.

Members specialize in:

  • Large-scale industrial project forwarding
  • Crane operations
  • Machinery installation and rigging
  • Vessel Chartering
  • Port operations
  • Oversized road transport 
  • Engineering
  • Aircraft charters
  • Barge operations


The Heavy Lift Group was founded in 1987 by a number of West European heavy lift operators in anticipation of the single European market and has since then expanded into a worldwide group having members in North & South America, Asia, Middle East, Africa, CIS & Europe 

With the united know how, skills, experience and equipment of its membership THLG can cover any movement or transport requirement from a single domestic job to the largest international multi-modal project.

The aim of THLG is to offer clients the united power of its members ensuring a world-wide service of excellent quality at realistic prices

Who can become member of THLG?

New applicants to THLG qualify for membership solely by meeting the qualification standards set by the Group. No geographical limits are set by THLG nor does THLG allocate commercial territories. Members select partners to work with them on commercial projects on the basis of relationships developed through participation in the Group.

How is THLG organized?

The judicial entity of the group is an association with limited liability, registered in the Netherlands. The management of the group is in the hands of the Executive Committee, democratically elected by the members according to the group's articles of association.

Members can:

  • Use the THLG website for distribution of news and promotion of their company.
  • Discuss issues of interest to them in the “members only” section of the site.
  • Meet at conferences held twice a year (Spring & Autumn) around the world in member locations.
  • Elect an Executive Committee who handle the Group's business matters.

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