Can Yılbasi      Tue, 28/05/2019

Our team had another challenging project. Kita Logistics’ project team is in full throttle and we have just successfully completed a project consisting of 38 transformers and accessories.

The entire shipment consists of 1,198 pcs and 3,762 tons 9,102 cbm. 38 lowbeds and 141 flatbed trailers were used throughout the project. 38 pcs of main body weighing from 46 to 78 metric tons were shipped to the port of loading during day and night efforts of our team of specialists. 


Due to the nature of the project, our trucks had to stop at two different Customs points for clearance, and the Project was completed in 2 weeks with safety. 


With more than 20 years of knowledge and experience, we provide tailor-made solutions for industrial projects with our fully equipped project division. KITA Logistics moves about 300,000 Frt project cargo yearly and provides road, sea and/or multimodal transport solutions for project based general cargoes and oversized/overweight cargoes on a worldwide basis. 



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