Medhat El Kady      Thu, 18/04/2024

Short Introductions: - The Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZONE) holds significant importance due to its strategic location on the Suez Canal, a crucial link for global trade. This prime position allows SCZONE to function as a major logistics hub, attracting businesses and investments. Additionally, the zone offers various incentives and streamlined processes, making it an attractive destination for companies seeking to establish themselves in the region. Overall, SCZONE plays a vital role in driving economic growth and development in Egypt

Cargo type: -

  • 3 units Transformer’s (135.ton/each)
  • General Cargo (Accessories) 1,750 CBM

Scope of work: -

  1. EGL made route and site survey before executions
  2. Receive Transformers from Vessel (under Hook).
  3. Offloading and Re-Loading Transformers by using Hydraulic Jacks, beams and supports.
  4. In-Land Transportations to job site including accessories and oil tank’s.
  5. Managed to get all necessary road permits from utilities
  6. Jacking and skidding transformers to foundations

List of Equipment’s used: -

  1. Three Hydraulic Modular (TTL 36 axles).
  2. Jacking & Skidding Enerpac system (Hydraulic & Pushing Jacks, steel & support beams, Rollers & wooden blocks)
  3. Supply Forklift and Crane for offloading Jacking and Skidding tools.

Challenges: -

  1. Tight executions schedules from date of release transformers from port till offloading to foundations.
  2. Site entrance very narrow for heavy transformers.
  3. Long skidding distance almost 18-meter length to center positions.
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