Jigar Shah      Fri, 30/10/2020

JSL Global, THLG member for Qatar, recently coordinated the offloading and transport of a Tunnel Boring Machine from Hamad Port in Qatar to client's site. 

Total cargo was 3300 CMB and weighed 1080 MT. Some of the heavier pieces weighed 85 MT and had a width of up to 4.8 meters. 

JSL Global Qatar moved the cargo from port to client site by using 20 Low Bed Trailer + 6 Hydraulic Axel + several Flat Bed Trailers. JSL Global was involved in the project considering its local experience in such Tunneling Projects and its past experience in Qatar Rail / Doha Metro projects etc.

JSL offloaded the cargo from vessel using port cranes as well as vessel’s crane.

It was 4 days - 24/7 operation at Hamad Port & client’s site.

JSL Global also arranged for police escort ex Hamad port to client site, along with preliminary route survey etc.

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