Maria Angelou      Mon, 29/07/2019

Dear members,

On behalf of The Heavy Lift Group and the Executive Committee we would like to announce our upcoming meeting. 

After a successful Conference and Break Bulk show last May in Bremen, Germany, the upcoming Fall Conference is voted to be in Helsinki, Finland, on the 7th till the 10th of November 2019.

This event will be our 65th Conference and the ExCom is working to create additionally our 1st THLG Customer Summit. The Fall Conference usually creates more opportunities for socializing and for this reason the ExCom has decided to create this Customer Summit which will provide you the chance for networking.

Our goal is through interesting speeeches of customers and networking, many new cooperations and business to occur.

For this reason we would like you all to participate and to help us have an interesting Agenda by inviting some of your existing and potential customers.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

With kindest regards