Elisabeth Cosmatos      Sun, 01/10/2023

Dear THLG friends,

We have experienced an amazing team bonding time in Rio de Janeiro. It reached top top levels in organizational terms, and for that we have to thank our member in Brazil, Fox Brasil.

For the majority of us, we saw things for the first time in our lives. We truly captured the Brazilian spirit and even when engaged in more touristic attractions, our amazing team knew how to bring fun, genuity and lots of humor in the atmosphere.

A special thank you to each and everyone for attending the conference and most importantly for bringing the best of themselves and for contributing in making this an once in a lifetime experience.

A Warm welcome to our new members who really mingled and became part of our team so fast with their positive energy.

Forget not: spread the word, lean on each other, take advantage of the network.

Save the Date: 19 May 2024. The Hague and our AGM are coming.

Till then, keep yourselves and beloved ones safe, healthy and happy.