Hello dear friends and co-members of THLG! 

We are bringing you some first class news today! 

Our next webinar is scheduled for the 31st of March at 14.00 hrs NL time and this is the one you definitely don’t want to miss! 

On February 9th , Tradelossa, our member of THLG in Mexico, is sponsoring a very interesting webinar for all of us, on the 9th of February at 14.00 hrs NL time. This time the topic of the webinar focuses on Oversized & Super Heavy Road Transportation Across USMCA. Our speakers will be Mr. Armando Lee, Head of Logistics of Tradelossa and Mr. Carlos Carcamo, Sales Manager of Tradelossa. The webinar will be conducted in English and, as usual, the participation is free of charge for all members or guests who wish to attend.

This webinar was all about air!

It's becoming a tradition! THLG 2nd Online Conference ended, but more online meetings still to come! 

A special thanks to all THLG members that participated, proving once more that THLG means Power in Unity!