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Jigar Shah
Director, JSL Global, Qatar




Jigar Shah, born in 1978, is the Director of JSL Global since June 2016. Shah is an internationally recognized supply chain and logistics expert, bringing more than 16 years of senior management expertise and experiences, in both regional and global positions. He holds an MBA degree and a Professional Fellows Certificate from US State Dept (OU University, USA).



Tell us about JSL Global. Who owns the company?

JSL Global – Jassim Shipping & Logistics is a WLL company and is affiliated to Jassim Brothers Group. Considering the phenomenal growth in Hydrocarbon sector, as well as, the huge infrastructure projects planned in Qatar for FIFA 2022, Jassim Custom & Freight division’s General Manager – Mr. Mansour Ghanem thought to have a separate division to cater all their existing and prospective clients in niche logistics verticals apart from Customs brokerage. JSL Global was established in 2012 in Doha and the company is owned by Qatari & Indian investors.

Where are your offices located?

JSL started in 2012 in Doha-Qatar. JSL Global has ventured in Myanmar and Oman markets in 2017 and 2018 respectively, considering the growth in Project Logistics business in those countries. However, our major Project Team is based at our Doha office and we handle our major volume at Qatar Ports. 

Which is JSL Global’s specialty and service range?

JSL Global is one of the few companies in Qatar having dedicated Customs Brokerage team, own Fleet of Trucks/Trailers, Trading License, Chemical Warehouse & Open Yard and NVOCC license to cater multiple requirements of different industries. Considering the long run reputation of our group company - Jassim Customs - JSL is servicing niche clientele in the field of Chemical Logistics & Project Logistics.

Tell us a few words about your experience, your expertise and your business in general.

Project logistics is traditionally one of the most profit making verticals in Logistics. But this profit comes with the condition that each project requires careful consideration & each has its own challenges and risk. There is no universal thumb rule or SOP that can be fine-tuned to offer each customer a ready-made solution in Project Logistics. When JSL began receiving regular enquiries for O&G clients and FIFA 2022 related infrastructure projects, as well as power plant related cargo importation to Qatar, our passionate & experienced team created the JSL Global Project division as a natural response.

Project Logistics business demands a wide skill set including RFQs, Quotations and operations know-how. Expert knowledge and skills in the transport of heavy and oversized cargo is one of key importance. Each JSL Global project team member excels at providing our clients with solutions related to customs brokerage support, inspection of cargo, route survey, project feasibility & best mode of transport – Breakbulk or RORO – export packaging and documentation etc, considering point A to point B and including Origin and Destination country rules & compliance matters.

Tell us about projects that you have handled recently.

We at JSL Global normally handle a couple of infrastructure projects for the upcoming FIFA 2022 event. For the last 2 years we are deeply involved with the Doha Metro Project. We are very proud to share that JSL Global has handled export of 11 out of 21 TBMs which were used for the Qatar Rail project.

JSL Global served to Doha Gold line Metro and handled almost 25,000+ F/T export in 2019. Apart from that JSL Global is involved into power plant projects.

Which are the main industries served in Qatar?

JSL Global provide logistics support for the construction of new plants or the reconstruction of older ones for the needs of the chemical industry, power plants and oil and gas industries. We are also engaged into logistics support to ongoing infrastructure projects like Doha Metro, FIFA 2020 Stadiums and ongoing power plants. 

Which are the main ports used for serving breakbulk project cargo in Qatar? How are these equipped and tell us about their customs status. Any free ports/zones?

Hamad Port is the main commercial port in Qatar. Apart from that for O&G heavy lift cargo for Q-companies, most cargo is imported-exported from/to Ras Laffan and Mesaieed Port. 

Qatar will be operating 2 free zones named Ras Bu Fantas and Umm Alhoul at Airport & Seaport soon. 

Is special transport a competitive sector in Qatar? How do you ensure that you will stand out?

Special transport is always a lucrative vertical in Qatar. There is competition and the market is now matured enough but clients always look for One Stop solution service providers for their heavy lift projects. JSL Global differentiates to competition as we have our own fleet of trucks, own Customs Brokerage team which guides clients over Customs compliance and Temporary Import - Re-export matters, Project Planning and Feasibility Consultancy and most importantly, our capability to handle Turn-key solutions through THLG global partners. 

Are there any particularities in project cargo forwarding in your country? Such as customs restraints or other?

In Project Cargo, Qatar has always faced challenges considering limited professional heavy-lift companies in Doha and limited heavy-lift equipment to cater new projects related to FIFA 2022. Considering ongoing infrastructure projects in Qatar we have observed that many times project planning Vs actual project implementation time differentiate, and there are always chances of high variance and sometime change of route etc.  Especially for project cargo and capital goods / high value temporary importation, Qatar has specific requirements and always requires local customs brokers who are well versed with the Arabic language & Customs rules and regulations.  

What made you join the industry? 

During my Post Graduation, I was keen on Export-Import industry. When I started my internship at a local customs broker firm in India, I got passionate for shipping and decided to join the industry. 

What do you like the most about your business?

I enjoy logistics because this is one field that allows you to interact with several countries and understand different economies and customs issues of different countries, which is rather important and challenging and keeps me always on the task. I personally enjoy travelling and whenever I travel, I feel I have one professional friend in that country. 

Who should be approached in Global for inquiries?

At JSL Global we have a dedicated team for projects RFQs and one can send email at

We also have an online DAP/DDP Rate tool and one can get online rates at