Elisabeth Cosmatos      Fri, 23/04/2021






this week we speak with Harold Vorsteveld,
Sales Director, Broshuis, The Netherlands





Harold joined Broshuis in 1997, one year after his studies, a Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Engineering. 

He started as a sales man, became sales manager in 2000 and  eventually sales director in 2007.

Harold has been active in the heavy haulage industry for 24 years. 


Tell us about Broshuis. Who owns the company?

Broshuis is 100% privately owned by Mr. Pieter-Bas Broshuis, 4th generation!

Where are your offices located?

Production is solely in Kampen, The Netherlands.

Due to our specialized products and high innovation rate, communication is key and distance doesn’t help.

And we do a lot of projects, for several MOD’s, where such is even more important.

The 40m investment in cutting edge laser cutting and bending over the last 8 years is for us to stay competitive.

What is Broshuis’s specialty and service range?

We have a wide assortment of trailers from 20 to120 tons. From multifunctional container chassis, to 10 axle trailers with the latest generation of available suspensions: beam axle, 2nd generation SL independent suspension and 2nd generation PL pendular axles.

By building trailers with A-level parts, parts are available world-wide. Support is offered 24/7.

What is your advantage against competition? Why do you stand out?

We are known for our flexibility, innovation and superb finish.

We design and produce trailers meant to last for at least 20 years.

We are able to provide the lightest and strongest trailers, something that is appreciated and awarded by our customers.

What made you join the industry?

We created the industry, by building the first extendible trailer in the fifties!

Listen to customers, think in solutions, innovate…always! Even then.

What was the impact that COVID-19 brought to your business?

We needed to completely close our plant for 2 months in Q2 2020.

He has to restructure production and offices and as we had issues getting the parts to produce trailers, more stock was created.

Since then we are able to produce fairly normal.

Who should be approached in Broshuis for inquiries?

Our international sales team is available directly through our website at https://www.broshuis.com or via email at contact@broshuis.com

We have a unique trailer configurator online, including prices, to help our customers budgeting future investments at