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this week we speak with


Willie Tseng,
Assistant General Manager in Heavy Lift & Project Dpt,
EZ Link, Taiwan




Willie has been in the shipping industry for more than 40 years.

From 1979 to 2011 he worked for NYK Line, first as Sales Representative and later as Sales Manager and Cost Control Manager.

In 2012 he joined Weiss-Rohlig in Taipei as Project & Break Bulk Specialist until 2016.

After that, Willie joined EZ Link and is now Assistant General Manager in Heavy Lift & Project Department.



Tell us about EZ Link. Who owns the company?

Mr. Michael Chao is the owner of EZ Link which was founded in 2003 and has been focusing on logistics functions at the fields of sea, air, truck, warehousing, and Customs clearance covering services over cargo transportation in terms of EX Works/FAS/DDP/DAP. Especially, we handle Project and OOG cargo such as Break Bulk, heavy lift by container, RORO, Heavy Lift, and B.B. Vessels.

Tell us a few words about your experience, your expertise and your business in general.

I started my career in 1979 as a Sales Representative in NYK Line until I joined EZ Link in 2016 as Assist General Manager in Heavy Lift & Project Department. I completed various cargo deliveries such as heavy lift in rank of 50-150 WT via container, mobile crane and carnet service via RORO vessels.

In addition to OOG cargo, I handle buyer consolidation service ex Taichung Port, Taiwan to Savanah/Long Beach, USA, around 5x40HQ + 1X20GP per week, and I successfully completed project deliveries from Aug/2021 – Jan/2022 fromTaichung Port to Phoenix, USA for A/C TSMC in Taiwan, the biggest semi-conductor production factory in the world.    

Where are your offices located?

We have offices in Taipei and Kaohsiung in Taiwan and Ningbo in China, a total of 3 offices.


Tell us about projects that you have handled recently.

In July 2022 we moved 1 unit of machinery 9.06X4.58X3.88 m with cargo weight up to 120 WT from Kaohsiung Port to Bilbao in Spain.

Which are the main industries served in Taiwan and which one seems to be your focus point?

The main industries in Taiwan are off-shore wind turbine, controlled by EPC who directly contact various suppliers without using a local forwarder, and industrial Project cargo which is our focus point.

Is Project Cargo Forwarding a competitive sector in Taiwan? How do you ensure that you stand out?

Few members of F/A in Taiwan are competitive. However, EZ Link’s specialized project team is dedicated to project and BB cargo and can provide tailer-made service to meet our clients demands as we are well familiar with a series of vendors such as longshoremen in shipside, trucking companies for inland haulage, crane companies for lift/on heavy cargo, and barge delivery for inshore delivery.

As such, we have been completing many cases for import/export OOG cargo.


What parts of Heavy lift project management seem to be challenging in Taiwan? Any advice to be shared as a precaution or as an important highlight to a potential customer?

The equipment of Floating Crane or Barge and warehouse to accommodate big dimension cargo for indoor service are rather difficult to book, therefore, they must be pre-advised for reservation

What made you personally join the industry?

Being well experienced on cost control matters when I worked for NYK Line and  I sincerely hope my experience on issues of saving cost in each segment of cargo delivery can be shared towards my clients.

What do you personally like the most about your business?

Not so many people in Taiwan cultivate OOG cargo service so I hope I can be somewhat of help towards my clients who need this kind of experience.

Who should be approached in EZ LINK for inquiries?

Willie Tseng
Assist General Manager
Mobile: 886- 968136663