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this week we speak with


Donald Kinsella,
Owner & President, KBB Transport, Canada




Don has a 35 years of freight forwarding experience and wisdom, of which 22 years have directly involved heavy lift and break bulk transport that has taken him around the world delivering successful solutions to clientele.

In his spare time he enjoys golf, tennis, skiing the country and being with family and friends.



Tell us about KBB TRANSPORT. Who owns the company?

I am the owner and with HQ located in Toronto, Canada and a growing team of 8 experts, KBB Transport is able to evaluate, design and provide real time solutions across the entire spectrum of logistics requirements. 

Is Project Cargo Forwarding a competitive sector in Canada? How do you ensure that you stand out?

Canada, being surrounded by three oceans is positioned well for import and export from the coasts. 

The challenges are the vast distances in between which are served by road, rail, barge, vessels on the St. Lawrence and Great Lakes system as well as air transport. The Canadian freight forwarder must have an expert understanding of optimal routings, carriers’ terminal operations and solution providers that allow for precise, efficient and cost effective transport execution.

The Canadian market is quite competitive. At KBB Transport we find that experience, knowledge, our flexibility  and responsiveness plus our ability to quickly adapt, and our clients comfort in knowing that they can always get in contact with us, have been very important factors in distinguishing KBB Transport from others.

Tell us about projects that you have handled recently.

A very interesting project KBB handled in Jan 2023 was to receive via direct discharge and deliver brew tanks L 19.42 x 4.08 D and ancillary equipment 5 km to site, within a receiving window in order to install with cranes during the weekend shut down of the facility.


Which are the main industries served in Canada and which one seems to be your focus point?

Ranked as having the third largest global reserves of oil, some consider Canada a Petro-economy, with oil & gas production plus exploration being a significant contributor to the economy. 

Mining and engineering are also significant contributors to the Canadian economy with exports of base metals, diamonds and rare earth elements, additional commodities exported in global volumes would be forest products and agriculture wheat and grains exported to the world.

KBB Transport Specializes in the transport of capital equipment on a site-to-site basis as required, various, pressure and holding vessels for O&G, fermentation and brewing industry, transformers and boilers for power generation, rolling stock and rail maintenance equipment, various presses hydraulic and blow mold, rail mounted gantry cranes. The above cargos received or exported by part or full charter. 

Plus liner transport into and out of Canada and North America.     

What do you personally like the most about your business?

To create a clear cut and direct path, with direct solutions for transport requirements.

Provide expansive knowledge that brings success to the needs of unique projects for its respected client. 

What made you personally join the industry?

My meticulous attention to detail and great appreciation of History and Geography made the business of international transportation and freight forwarding a natural career choice.


Who should be approached in KBB Transport for inquiries?

For enquiries, please feel free to contact Don Kinsella
Or phone office: 905-673-5796