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this week we speak with


Niels Walch,
Director Project Logistics SEAPAC,
Rhenus Project Logistics, Thailand




As a Director Project Logistics for Southeast Asia - Pacific, Niels leverages his 14+ years of experience in the industry to oversee operational and commercial project logistics activities across the region. He has a proven track record of developing and implementing project logistics strategies, building relationships with customers and suppliers, ensuring compliance with regulations, and managing financial performance.

He has continually sought to excel and deliver practical logistics solutions that work across borders.



Tell us about Rhenus Project Logistics Thailand. Can you give us some information regarding the company’s ownership, range of services, strengths etc.

Rhenus Project Logistics Thailand, a key part of the globally renowned Rhenus Group, offers a comprehensive range of services to meet all logistics requirements. Our capabilities span air, ocean, road, and rail freight, complemented by specialized project management and customs brokerage. This extensive service portfolio is backed by a strong global network, featuring our own offices in over 60 countries.

Leveraging this worldwide perspective, we focus on the project logistics sector, creating unparalleled value for our customers by utilizing the Rhenus Group's assets, including ports, coaster vessels, and barges. Our dedicated in-house chartering desk and engineering team ensure we maintain technical proficiency and a deep understanding of the complexities involved in logistics.

Located at our regional headquarters in Thailand, we are perfectly positioned to craft customized solutions for our clients throughout the Mekong region. We cater to a wide range of industries, including power, petrochemical, and heavy machinery, showcasing our ability to meet diverse logistical needs with precision and expertise.

Tell us a few words about your experience, your expertise, and your business in general.

At Rhenus Project Logistics Thailand, our journey has been distinguished by a series of high-profile projects through which we adeptly managed the intricacies of heavy-lift and break-bulk shipments. Our portfolio demonstrates our expertise in comprehensive plant decommissioning and relocation, showcasing our meticulous ability to oversee projects of significant complexity and scale.

Our pivotal role in the successful delivery of a combined cycle power plant in Rayong Province, along with our substantial contributions to the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) project, underscores our extensive experience in the power and mobility sectors. Moreover, Rhenus Thailand's capabilities extend beyond national boundaries; our proficiency in managing cross-border transports highlights our expansive reach across the Mekong region. Our dedicated in-house engineers are crucial to our operations, ensuring the safe transport and unloading of oversized or special cargo, backed by our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of safety and innovation.

Equipped to handle the most challenging tasks, from technical calculations to the construction of temporary infrastructure, we are prepared to face operations like jacking and skidding directly. In Thailand, our proven track record in the power, construction, and mobility sectors establishes us as a trusted partner dedicated to providing value, guidance, and long-term commitment to our clients.

Where are your offices located?

Rhenus Project Logistics Thailand is strategically positioned to serve our clients with efficiency and effectiveness. Our main office in Bangkok acts as the central hub for our domestic operations and plays a crucial role in coordinating international logistics services. In addition, we maintain an office in Laem Chabang, a key maritime gateway for Thailand, enabling us to meticulously oversee sea freight operations. This strategic placement ensures we are well-equipped to meet our clients' diverse logistics needs.


Tell us about projects that you have handled recently.

Recently, we had the privilege of supplying a combined cycle power plant for the Gulf Project in Rayong Province. This endeavor required the transportation of two substantial pieces, each 12 meters in length and 4.35 meters in height, with a weight of 32 tons. These components were shipped on special trailers from Hamburg, Germany, directly to Thailand. Our involvement in this project demonstrated our vast experience in the power industry, highlighting our proficiency in managing both renewable and fossil power projects with precision and efficiency.
Another significant project we undertook was providing local transport and managing the discharge of Over-Dimensioned Cargo at Laem Chabang Port. This project entailed the transport of two locomotive units and one Cutter Ballast Cleaner Vehicle within Thailand. Notably, one of these items was exceptionally large, measuring 25.40 meters in length, 2.84 meters in width, and 3.95 meters in height, and weighing 79 tons. We orchestrated the discharge using two floating cranes and successfully unloaded the vehicle onto the SRT rail track with two 130-ton mobile cranes. This project served to emphasize our deep-rooted experience in the mobility industry and showcased our engineering consultancy prowess.
Furthermore, we managed membrane filter systems for a water treatment project on Yao Island in Southern Thailand. The imported cargo was received at LCB port, where we were tasked with delivering our comprehensive range of services, including conducting advanced risk assessments. This project demanded careful planning and execution to ensure the safe and timely delivery of essential components for the island's water treatment facility.
Beyond these specific endeavors, we consistently manage frequent local and cross-border transports. These operations include the loading, unloading, and jacking and skidding of oversized or special cargo for clients across the power and construction sectors. Our tasks cover the safe lifting, transportation, and unloading of various items such as boilers, vessels, steel structures, pipes, transformers, and more. Throughout, our in-house engineers conduct thorough surveys to maintain the highest standards of safety and efficiency.   

Which are the main industries served in Thailand and which one seems to be your focus point?

Rhenus Project Logistics Thailand caters to a broad spectrum of sectors, with a focused emphasis on the power, mobility and infrastructure, construction and heavy machinery, as well as water treatment industries. This focus underscores our strategic dedication to areas where we can deliver the greatest value through our specialized expertise. Our goal is to bolster the growth and development of these vital industries within Thailand, thereby aiding in the nation's economic progress and its sustainability efforts.

Is Project Cargo Forwarding a competitive sector in Thailand? How do you ensure that you stand out?

Project Cargo Forwarding is indeed a highly competitive field in Thailand, mirroring the country's rapid development in the transportation and logistics sector. With Thailand being the second-largest economy in ASEAN and boasting an advanced network of highways and major seaports, it solidifies its position as a vital logistics center, especially within the Greater Mekong Subregion.

At Rhenus Project Logistics Thailand, we set ourselves apart with several key strategies:

  1. Expertise and Specialization: Our team's specialized skills, deep knowledge, and vast experience in handling oversized and heavy-lift cargoes guarantee precision and safety in every operation.
  2. Advanced Technology Adoption: Our dedication to innovation is showcased through our utilization of route optimization software, project management tools, and digital tracking systems, all of which contribute to smoother and more dependable cargo movements.
  3. Comprehensive Service Offering: We go beyond conventional logistics services to offer a complete range of solutions that include customs brokerage, technical engineering services, risk assessment, and multimodal transport options. This approach is designed to meet the varied needs of our clients, ensuring a seamless logistics experience.
  4. Safety and Quality Standards: Our commitment to the highest safety and quality standards is demonstrated by our ISO certifications and adherence to HSEQ principles.
  5. Tailored Solutions and Consultancy: Recognizing the unique challenges of each project, we provide tailored logistics solutions and consultancy services to address specific needs.

In essence, Rhenus Project Logistics Thailand's competitive advantage lies in our steadfast commitment to excellence, innovation, and solutions focused on our clients' needs.


What parts of Heavy lift project management seem to be challenging in Thailand? Any advice to be shared as a precaution or as an important highlight to a potential customer?

Navigating the complexities of heavy lift project cargo management in Thailand and the broader region poses several challenges, indicative of the logistics industry's evolving demands and intricacies. As modules increase in size, often exceeding the capacity of existing equipment, the imperative to invest in new technologies and bolster capabilities is clear.
The competitive environment, alongside stringent regulations, presents additional hurdles for the industry. Adopting innovation, cultivating collaborative partnerships, and emphasizing sustainability are essential strategies for our success.
It is crucial for potential customers to verify that their chosen service provider has the necessary expertise, equipment, and technology to handle their specific cargo requirements effectively. Evaluating the provider's commitment to safety through their safety protocols, certifications (such as ISO standards), and historical project records is imperative, as safety should always be a top priority.
Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the project's scope, timeline, and budget from the beginning is vital. Such clarity can preempt unexpected expenses or delays, facilitating smoother project completion.

What made you personally join the industry?

Deciding to join the logistics and project management industry was influenced by various factors that align closely with my professional goals and personal values. The industry's dynamic nature, alongside its vital role in ensuring the seamless operation of numerous sectors, offered more than just a career path—it provided a chance to make a significant impact.
The essence of this industry is collaboration, and the prospect of building global connections remains highly appealing. The logistics and project management sector is abundant with opportunities for both personal and professional development. Facing the challenges of overseeing complex projects and leading diverse teams furnishes invaluable experiences that hone leadership, organizational, and strategic skills.
Ultimately, my choice to enter the logistics and project management field was motivated by the desire to pursue work that is meaningful, challenging, and impactful. It promises extensive possibilities for growth and positions me at the heart of efforts that enhance the efficiency and success of businesses and, consequently, affect the lives of individuals positively.

What do you personally like the most about your business?

What I find most rewarding about being in the logistics and project management industry is the blend of daily challenges, the development of meaningful relationships, the engagement with technology, and the contribution to a greater purpose.

Who should be approached in Rhenus Project Logistics Thailand for inquiries?

For inquiries related to Rhenus Project Logistics Thailand and the Mekong region, please reach out to me, Niels Walch, Director of Project Logistics SEAPAC, and Mrs. Wararat Duangpasook, Regional Director of Operation.
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