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this week we speak with Mr. Muhammad Kamran,
Project Director, Star Shipping Pakistan




Mr. Muhammad Kamran is a shipping and project logistics professional, serving the project freight industry worldwide, since 2004. He is from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and has attained his Graduate Degree in Commerce and Project Management Certifications in Germany.

He is the one of the directors of Star Shipping Pakistan and holds high repute in the Logistics & Freight Industry of Pakistan. Having his vast experience in Project Management and Logistics skills, Mr. Muhammad Kamran has brought the company from a novice position to the leading project logistics organization in Pakistan.

He is well recognized worldwide due to his international connectivity and frequent visits to global freight forwarders seminars & conferences. 


Tell us about Star Shipping. Who owns the company?

Star Shipping Pakistan is proud to be recognized as one of the leading Integrated Project Logistics & Transportation Companies operating in Pakistan, since 2004.

Star Shipping takes pride in moving conventional, breakbulk, over-dimensional, and over-weight project cargoes and is the right place for perfect logistics management & supply chains solutions.

We hold a laudable history and sound credentials to be ranked as the specialist in Handling Power Projects and Project Cargo Transportation.

We are serving the country’s power and energy sector for more than 15 years and during this over a decade period of prosperity, we have proved ourselves of being a reliable and committed project logistics ally in Pakistan to our clients.

Star Shipping Pakistan is ISO certified and follows the global Quality Management and Health & Safety Standards.

The majority of shares of Star Shipping Pakistan are owned by Mr. Muhammad Kamran.

Tell us a few words about your experience, your expertise and your business in general.

We are specialized in handling turn-key projects through vast experience, international connections, and shipping & logistics maneuvers.

For the past decade, Star Shipping Pakistan has been the leading project shipping & transportation solutions provider in Pakistan. With having strong logistics network in Pakistan, Turkey, Sri Lanka, China, and in fact worldwide, we are constantly creating values by providing quality & highly economic logistics solutions for both short-term & long terms projects.

Where are your offices located?

Star Shipping Pakistan has a strong network of operational offices in each metropolitan city of Pakistan.

Our headquarters are located at Bhoja Terrace, Main Shaharah-e-Liaquat, Karachi.

While Branch Offices are located in:

  • Lahore, Pakistan
  • Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Faisalabad, Pakistan
  • Sialkot, Pakistan

Tell us about projects that you have handled recently.

We have been very busy in 2021 and have handled & delivered several energy and industrial projects. Our most recent project achievements are:

  • Pickup of OOG Gas-Turbine with Accessories from Ex-Factory (worldwide), Sea-freight, Handling at Port of Discharge in Karachi (Pakistan) and delivery of the aforesaid shipment to the Destination Site in Central Punjab, Pakistan
  • Handling of Hydro Power Stations
  • Handling of Cement Plants
  • Handling of Gojra / Painsra 550Kv Transmission Grid Line Project at Karachi Port and Delivery to Destination Site in Faisalabad, Punjab.

Which are the main industries served in Pakistan and which one seems to be your focus point?

Pakistan's industrial sector (in FY21) accounts for 28.11% of the GDP. Manufacturing makes up 12.52%, mining constitutes 2.18%, construction makes 2.53%.

Agriculture is considered the backbone of Pakistan's economy, which relies heavily on its major crops. 

Some of the major industries in the country include fertilizer, cement, edible oil, steel, sugar, chemicals, tobacco, machinery, and the food processing industry is the second largest sector in Pakistan that contributes about 25% to the GDP. 

Is Project Cargo Forwarding a competitive sector in Pakistan? How do you ensure that you stand out?

Yes! Project Cargo Forwarding has become a highly competitive sector in Pakistan since the commencement of CPEC and the launching of the Renewable Energy regime throughout Pakistan.

The governments of Pakistan and China are enthusiastically investing in the development of Pakistan’s infrastructure and energy sector which has created multiple opportunities for the project cargo forwarding companies.

Moreover, after the joint-venture of multiple Pakistani & Turkish entities, Pakistan has become the land of opportunity for freight-forwarders across the globe. 

Star Shipping Pakistan constantly invests in "Research & Development", while leading the project logistics industry in Pakistan. We evolve, adapt, and operate according to the global business situation.

We have spread our wings across the globe efficiently to remain in the leading position of Pakistan’s Logistics Industry.

What parts of Heavylift project management seem to be challenging in Pakistan? Any advice to be shared as a precaution or as an important highlight to a potential customer? 

Erection, Installation, and requirement of super-heavy duty cranes for Heavy-Lifts are always challenging in Pakistan.

Although the engineering sector of Pakistan possesses significant numbers of heavy-duty crawlers & mobile hydraulic cranes for the installation of mega-projects, there’s a huge opportunity for more due to the insufficient quantity of available machinery.

Unlike other developing countries in the world during the pandemic, Pakistan has been rapidly growing & strengthening its Energy Sector and Infrastructure by setting up multiple strategic hydro, civil, wind, and solar power projects in the country.

These development projects have created a competitive environment for the project logistics, shipping, and engineering solutions providing entities in Pakistan.

The potential customers have vast opportunities available in Pakistan and are welcome to invest and operate in Pakistan.

The only precaution required by the new customers in Pakistan is to deal with the relevant & professional associates in the country by doing the prior market research and in that case “Star Shipping Pakistan” welcomes the potential customers by offering its experience & consultancy (complimentary) to analyze the business industry of Pakistan before making a certain move.

What made you personally join the industry?

Being a family member of the pioneers of the shipping industry of Pakistan, who set up multiple milestones in Pakistan’s Shipping and Project Freight Industry, I grew up with the thoughts of leading the project logistics industry of the country by developing and modernizing the industry.

By the passage of time and the successful execution of multiple heavy-lift projects, my passion has grown further for more versatile achievements. 

What do you personally like the most about your business?

What I like most about my business of Project Logistics & Freight Forwarding is that it helps in building international relationships, the spread of positivity, and the development of the world.

Who should be approached in Star Shipping for inquiries?

Mr. Muhammad Kamran is in charge of handling the queries and connections with the potential customers.

Please contact him at: