Richard Beardmore      Wed, 18/10/2023

Allelys, THLG member for the UK, has successfully completed the 2nd of 3 packages of work for the Dogger Bank B onshore converter station, part of the world’s largest offshore wind farm.

This scope of work was to receive four transformers, each weighing 255te and measuring 9.3m long, 4.2m wide and 4.8m high at Albert Dock in the Port of Hull, before transporting them to site and installing them in their final positions.

Initial pre-works and engineering studies had suggested that Albert Dock would be unsuitable to accommodate the offload of the transformer units and that the project may be at risk of a significant setback. However, Allelys’ experienced in-house engineering team developed a bespoke crane mat and load spreading solution, to enable the lifting operations to proceed whilst adding vital protection to the quayside.

In order to successfully offload the vessel, Allelys rigged the LG1550 mobile crane to safely load the transformers onto a 12 axle SPMT, which transported the loads across the docks to a suitable transshipment area. The transformers were transshipped to Allelys’ Faktor 5.5 girder frame trailer, with 350te capacity, ready for transportation to site.

The girder frame transportation took place over 4 consecutive weekends. Moving one transformer at a time before going back to reload the next. This carefully planned operation provided a seamless solution for our client to receive the transformers in the more efficient time frame.

Once each transformer arrived at site, each unit was installed using a combined approach of turntables, jacking and skidding systems, allowing Allelys to successfully turn, move and install the transformers in their designated bay.

“This project was a great project to work on and the slick operation of delivering four transformers, to four different bays over four consecutive weekends shows just how experienced Allelys are at delivering power generation projects. We’re able to efficiently engineer and deliver solutions that meet the requirements of each individual project, whilst also minimising disruption for our clients” commented Jordan Heath, Project Manager at Allelys.

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